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OSU QuarkNet

QuarkNet is a long-term, research-based teacher professional development program jointly funded by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy. It offers research experiences for teachers and students through workshops and Masterclasses. Together, teachers and students learn how the universe began, what are the basic forces of nature, what are the origins of mass, and how the scientists work to solve these problems. Here is the home page of the QuarkNet project.


QuarkNet Summer Workshop

Each summer OSU and OU take turns hosting a one-week QuarkNet summer workshop for Oklahoma high school science teachers.  In these workshops, teachers learn the basics of particle physics and related research at the worlds most advanced laboratories, as well as practial activities and exerciese that can be incorporated into their classrooms.  If you are interested in participating in a QuarkNet summer workshop, please contact Dr. Joe Haley (joseph.haley@okstate.edu) and Dr. John Stupak (john.stupak@ou.edu)!

Photos from previous QuarkNet workshops
lab2 20160617 161146

Mike Strauss' QuarkNet materials: https://nhn.ou.edu/~strauss/Quarknet/

2024 at OSU: Register NOW! https://tinyurl.com/OSUQN2024
2023 at OU: July 24-26
2022 at OSU: July 18-21
2021 at OU: July 20-22
2020 at OSU: July 29-31
2019 at OU: July 17-19
2018 at OSU: July 24-27
2017 at OU: July 10-14
2016 at OSU: June 13-17, LIGO e-Lab webpage
2015 at OU: June 8-12
2014 at OSU: June 16-20
2013 at OSU: July 22-26

*Let us know if you want to be added to the email list to get the future announcements.  (joseph.haley@okstate.edu)

ATLAS Masterclass

ATLAS Masterclasses are a one-day, hands-on, crash-course in experimental particle physics for high school students.  Students learn about particle physics in the morning and then in the afternoon they analyze actual collisions from the ATLAS detector.  The day ends with a video conference with Fermilab in which the students present the results of their analysis.
Contact person for ATLAS Masterclass at OSU: Joe Haley(joseph.haley@okstate.edu)

Photos from previous ATLAS Masterclasses
20160311 154003

2024: March 4, 8, and 9
2023: March 3, 25, and 31
2022: March 24, April 30  
2020-2021: (canceled due to COVID-19)
2019: March 9, 26, and April 13
2018: March 15, April 7
2017: March 24, April 6, April 8
2016: Feb. 26, March 11
2014: March 14

Additional info:
QuarkNet ATLAS Masterclass homepage(2014)2016
International Masterclass homepage

OSU International Masterclass page
Joe Haley's Outreach page

In the news:


Flera Rizatdinova: flera.rizatdinova@okstate.edu
Joe Haley: joseph.haley@okstate.edu
Alexander Khanov: alexander.khanov@okstate.edu