Wasikul Islam

Extra Curricular Activities :

Apart from studies of Physics, my hobby is to write poems and to engage in the activities, related to the welfare of people and the society, we live in (Out of my very limited capabilities).

Few notable actvities are :

1. Attended "United Nations Youth Assembly 2017" after being selecetd as a 'Delegate' at United Nations Head Quarters, New York, US.

2. Currently working as an 'Operational member' of 'Sir Syed Education Society of North America' which provides "Sir Syed Global Scholar Award" to needy and motivated students of India to help them (by paying all the costs of their application process) achieve their dreams of higher study in US and other foreign countries. [Webpage of the organization: http:// www.ssgsa.us]

3. Currently I am teaching "Python Programming langage" to visually impaired Students through non profit US based organisation Vision-Aid (http://www.visionaid.org).

4. Founded with few others a Bengali literary Society 'Onuronon Shahitya Adda' at Aligarh, India and served as a coeditor of the 1st edition of its magazine "Onuronon".

5. Lead a team as 'Creative Manager'  and successfully made a Guinness World Record by making 'World's largest Envelope' in 2012, whose intentions was to spread the message of the theme : "Let there be no oppression, We want peace, equality, brotherhood and unity".