Wasikul Islam




Welcome to the Wasikul Islam's homepage. I am a grduate student of Physics at Oklahoma State University, working under the guidance of Dr. Alexander Khanov for Experimental High Energy Physics group and ATLAS Collaboration of CERN, Geneva, Switzeerland. I have been working at Argonne National Laboratory as a Research Aide. Also I am about to start working as "ANL ATLAS Graduate Fellow 2017" at Argonne National Laboratory and I will be working at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory as well for one year term soon.

I did my Bachelor and Masters in Physics from Department of Physics, Aligarh Muslim University, India After Masters I worked for ALICE experiment at CERN for few months as summer intern before coming to US to join my PhD. I was interviewed by CERN along with other very few students as representatives of all the summer students of CERN in 2015. Also, my experience was published in CERN’s one of official newsletters ALICE MATTERS.  

Office : 252 Physical Sciences Bldg, Department of Physics, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA 74078.

Contacts : I can be reached at wasikul@okstate.edu ; wasikul.islam@cern.ch

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