OSU Former

Former Visiting Faculty

Dr. Gerhart Seidl -- no information
Dr. Ilia Gogoladze -- moved to University of Notre Dame
Dr. Cosmin Macesanu -- moved to Syracuse University
Dr. Yukihiro Mimura -- moved to Regena University, Canada
Dr. Tibor Torma -- moved to University of Mississippi

Former Postdoc Researchers

Dr. Tathagata Ghosh -- became Postdoc Fellow at University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Dr. David Jamin -- no information
Dr. Dr. Kirtiman Ghosh -- became Faculty at Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, India.
Dr. Jie Yu -- became Postdoc Fellow at Iowa State Univesity.
Dr. Nicolas Bousson -- became CEO and Founder of Trident Technologies.  
Dr. S. K. Rai: Now a permanent faculty member at Harish-Chandra Research Institute, in India.
Dr. Zurab Tavartkiladze, Now faculty member in Ilia Institute of Technology, Georgia.
Dr. G. Seidl, now at University of Wurzburg, Germany.
Dr. I. Gogoladze, now at the University of Delaware.
Dr. C. Macesanu, has own business in Houston, Texas.
Dr. Y. Mimura, now faculty at National Taiwan University.
Dr. B. Mukhopadhyaya, now a Professor at Harish Chandra Research Institute, in India.
Dr. T. Torma, now a faculty at the University of Mississippi.
Dr. J. Woodside (working in Industry).

Former Graduate Students

Dr. Shreyashi Chakdar, became Faculty at Colby College, Maine.
Dr. Dmitri Siderov -- Became Data Scientist at Abbott.
Dr. Hatim Hegab -- became Programmer for Microsoft Corp.
Dr. Babak Abi-- Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Oxford University, UK.
Dr. Corneliu Marius Rujoiu -- became Research Scientist at Institute for Space Sciences, Romania
Dr. Tsedenbaljir Enkhbat -- became Faculty at Ulan Bator Institute of Physics and Technology, Mongolia
Dr. Cyril Anoka Professor of Physics at Houston Community College,Houston, Texas.
Dr. Chris McMullen -- became Faculty at Pennsylvania State University at Abington
Dr. Bhaskar Dutta -- became Professor at Texas A&M University
Dr. David Muller -- became Research Scientist at Areto Industries
Dr. Steve Gibbons -- became Faculty at Newlin University
Dr. Eric Steinfeld -- became Faculty at Shippenburg University
Dr. Durmus Karabacak, became Faculty member at the University of Turkey.
Dr. Zeke Murdock, became Faculty at Marymount College, CA.
Dr. Benjamin Grossmann, became Faculty at the University of Montana.
Dr. Steven Gabriel, working in industry.
Dr. Chris McMullen, became Faculty at NSU, Louisiana.
Dr. David Muller, working in Aereto Industries.
Dr. Steve Gibbons, has own business in Seattle, WA.
M.Sc. Daniel Dumitru -- became Ph.D Student at Physics Department ,University of Chicago
M.Sc. Wang Kai -- became Ph.D Student at Physics Department ,University of Wisconsin
M.Sc. Jack Huesman -- became Adjunct Professor of Physics at Valencia College, Florida.
M.Sc. Reema Ghavri --became Faculty at NSU, Lousiana.
Steve Narf, M.S., staff member at the University of Madison, Wisconsin.

Former Undergraduate Students

Dutch Ratcliffe, B.S. (Senior thesis)
Dustin Carr, B.S. (Senior thesis)
Stephen Johnston, B.S. (Senior Thesis), working at Washington University.


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