OSU Former

Former Visiting Faculty

Dr. Gerhart Seidl -- no information
Dr. Ilia Gogoladze -- moved to University of Notre Dame
Dr. Cosmin Macesanu -- moved to Syracuse University
Dr. Yukihiro Mimura -- moved to Regena University, Canada
Dr. Tibor Torma -- moved to University of Mississippi

Former Postdoc Researchers

Dr. Kirtiman Ghosh -- became Faculty at Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, India.
Dr. Jie Yu -- became Postdoc Fellow at Iowa State Univesity
Dr. Nicolas Bousson -- became CEO and Founder of Trident Technologies

Former Graduate Students

Dr. Dmitri Siderov -- no information
Dr. Hatim Hegab -- became Programmer for Microsoft Corp.
Dr. Corneliu Marius Rujoiu -- became Research Scientist at Institute for Space Sciences, Romania
Dr. Tsedenbaljir Enkhbat -- no information
Dr. Cyril Anoka -- no information
Dr. Chris McMullen -- became Faculty at Pennsylvania State University at Abington
Dr. Bhaskar Dutta -- became Faculty at Regina University, Canada
Dr. David Muller -- became Research Scientist at Areto Industries
Dr. Steve Gibbons -- became Faculty at Newlin University
Dr. Eric Steinfeld -- became Faculty at Shippenburg University
M.Sc. Daniel Dumitru -- became Ph.D Student at Physics Department ,University of Chicago
M.Sc. Wang Kai -- became Ph.D Student at Physics Department ,University of Wisconsin
M.Sc. Jack Huesman -- no information
M.Sc. Reema Ghavri -- no information

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